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On my CentOS 5.2 box the XEN virtual machine configuration files have to be located in /etc/xen to be started without specifying a path. I want to move my virtual machines into /etc/xen/vm to separate them from the configuration files of the xen server. Is there an easy way to change the default directory from /etc/xen to /etc/xen/vm ?

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The easiest way to do it is to follow this tutorial, use xen-tools to generate VMs for you, and specify where you want to put your VMs. You can then just modify a config file in there (xen-tools.conf) and change the dir property:

dir = /etc/xen/vm

There's a little extra work involved since you're on CentOS (and it's a lot easier if you're on Ubuntu), but it's still do-able.

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