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I have success to compile the following code but I have to make an array of thread out of it.

Form1^ form1obj = gcnew Form1();
Thread^ bfcaller = gcnew Thread(
gcnew ThreadStart(  form1obj, &Form1::bruteforce  ));

I got errors by the making it array like this:

array<Form1^>^ form1obj = gcnew array<Form1^>(25);
array<Thread^>^ bfcaller = gcnew array<Thread^>[25];

for (int counter = 0; counter < 25; counter++)
    bfcaller[counter] = gcnew Thread( gcnew ThreadStart(form1obj, &Form1::bruteforce));

Where do I did it wrong? Thanks for help.

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Several syntax mistakes in your code.

   gcnew array<Thread^>[25];

Don't use square brackets, use (25)

   gcnew ThreadStart(form1obj, &Form1::bruteforce)

First argument is wrong, it must be a reference to a Form1 instance, not an array of forms since bruteforce() is a method of Form1. Maybe you meant form1obj[counter].

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Thank you for your post. It compiled perfectly. Like you said, the first argument must be form1obj[counter]. Thanks again (i have googling for this problem 2 days already, lol) –  Nikola Tesla Mar 17 '11 at 3:05

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