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I've looked through the posts about devise's current_user, but none of them solve my problem. I can access current_user from my rails 3 views (erb files), but can not access it in the controller.

<%= current_user.name %>  

works in the erb.

@user = current_user  

does not work in the controller. What am I missing?


I am getting nil as value. It turns out I am able to use

 @user = current_user  

in my index controller, but some how once it goes to a different action (like create) the session is destroyed.

So the real question now is:

How do I keep the current user signed in when going from page to page?

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What do you mean "cannot access"? Do you get an error? Or is current_user nil? –  Zabba Mar 17 '11 at 8:15
current_user is nil. the session is getting destroyed when I go from page to page. I don't know if its my config somewhere. –  Anthony H Mar 17 '11 at 22:23

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Finally figured out what the problem was: needed to get a fixed rails.js file from


Many thanks to @Patrick Connor link to his answer

Devise session immediately expiring on .js call [AJAX]

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