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I have two problem : How can I get affected rows by php mongodb driver ,and how about the last insert id ? thanks .

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You can get number of results right from the cursor using count function:


You can even get number of all records in collection using:


Using insert method, _id is added to input array automatically.

$a = array('x' => 1);

array(2) {
    object(MongoId)#4 (0) {
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For number of affected rows:

        $status = $collection->update( $criteria, array( '$set' => $data ) );
        $status['n']; // 'n' is the number of affected rows
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Maybe MongoDB::lastError is what you are looking for: (http://php.net/manual/en/mongodb.lasterror.php)

It calls the getLastError command: (http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/getLastError+Command)

which returns, among other things:

n - if an update was done, this is the number of documents updated.

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+1 Just this answer returns affected rows. –  PHPst Dec 18 '12 at 18:12

I don't believe that there is any type of affected_rows() method at your disposal with mongodb. As for the last insert _id You can generate them in your application code and include them in your insert, so there's really no need for any mysql like insert_id() method.

$id = new MongoId();
    '_id' => $id,
    'username' => 'username',
    'email' => 'johndoe@gmail.com'

Now you can use the object stored in $id however you wish.

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