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I have a bunch of image files in this naming format:

  • 313024_Page_1_Image_0001.png
  • 313024_Page_1_Image_0002.png
  • 313025_Page_1_Image_0001.png
  • 313025_Page_1_Image_0002.png
  • 313025_Page_2_Image_0001.png

And I would like to convert the files with the same numbers (pre "Page_") to a single pdf with that name. For example, using the above five files:

  • 313024_Page_1_Image_0001.png
  • 313024_Page_1_Image_0002.png

would merge to 313024.pdf


  • 313025_Page_1_Image_0001.png
  • 313025_Page_1_Image_0002.png
  • 313025_Page_2_Image_0001.png

would merge to 313025.pdf

I would like to be able to run this script in Perl in windows.

Thanks in advance, Jake

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Imagemagick includes a convert program that will take PNG files and make PDF files from them, e.g.:

$ convert source.png -compress zip source.pdf

You can also append image files into a larger image file, before converting to PDF:

$ convert {listOfImageFilenames} -append -compress zip verticallyStitchedFilename.pdf

You can run this within a Perl script via system() or through the Imagemagick API (example).

You'll probably need to adjust these calls for the special way that Microsoft Windows does things, but it shouldn't be too hard.

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Can you help me with the script's syntax for this specific problem? – Jake Mar 18 '11 at 0:54

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