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I have a QListView, that has a QSqlQueryModel set as its model. How can I use a QStyledItemDelegate in order to customise the QListView's rows' appearence (e.g. show 2 text lines) ?

QSqlDatabase db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase( "QSQLITE" );
db.setDatabaseName( "test.db" );
if( !db.open() )
    qDebug() << db.lastError();
    qFatal( "Failed to connect." );

qDebug( "Connected!" );

QSqlQueryModel *sqlModel = new QSqlQueryModel;
sqlModel->setQuery("SELECT * FROM entries");


Essentially, what I think I need to do is to somehow "match" roles to db table's fields, in order to be able to get the data from the QStyledItemDelegate, using something like this:

void ListViewDelegate::paint(QPainter *painter, const QStyleOptionViewItem &option, const QModelIndex &index) const
    QString headerText = qvariant_cast<QString>(index.data(headerRole));
    QString subText = qvariant_cast<QString>(index.data(subHeaderRole));


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You certainly can use QStyledItemDelegate for custom item drawing. QModelIndex has a reference to the model object which you can use to get "entries" record fields. You also have to redefine model's sizeHint method to increase items size if you need to show more data then a single data. Other then that it's more or less trivial.

Pls, see if an example below would work you:

class ListViewDelegate : public QStyledItemDelegate
    void paint(QPainter* painter, const QStyleOptionViewItem& option, const QModelIndex& index) const
        QStyleOptionViewItemV4 opt = option;
        initStyleOption(&opt, index);

        QString line0 = index.model()->data(index.model()->index(index.row(), 1)).toString();
        QString line1 = index.model()->data(index.model()->index(index.row(), 2)).toString();

        // draw correct background
        opt.text = "";
        QStyle *style = opt.widget ? opt.widget->style() : QApplication::style();
        style->drawControl(QStyle::CE_ItemViewItem, &opt, painter, opt.widget);

        QRect rect = opt.rect;
        QPalette::ColorGroup cg = opt.state & QStyle::State_Enabled ? QPalette::Normal : QPalette::Disabled;
        if (cg == QPalette::Normal && !(opt.state & QStyle::State_Active))
            cg = QPalette::Inactive;

        // set pen color
        if (opt.state & QStyle::State_Selected)
            painter->setPen(opt.palette.color(cg, QPalette::HighlightedText));
            painter->setPen(opt.palette.color(cg, QPalette::Text));

        // draw 2 lines of text
        painter->drawText(QRect(rect.left(), rect.top(), rect.width(), rect.height()/2),
                          opt.displayAlignment, line0);
        painter->drawText(QRect(rect.left(), rect.top()+rect.height()/2, rect.width(), rect.height()/2),
                          opt.displayAlignment, line1);

    QSize sizeHint(const QStyleOptionViewItem & option, const QModelIndex & index ) const
        QSize result = QStyledItemDelegate::sizeHint(option, index);
        return result;

The test database set is defined here:

QSqlError initDb()
    QSqlDatabase db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QSQLITE");

    if (!db.open())
        return db.lastError();

    QStringList tables = db.tables();
    if (tables.contains("test", Qt::CaseInsensitive))
        return QSqlError();

    QSqlQuery q;
    if (!q.exec(QLatin1String("create table entries(id integer primary key, first_line varchar, second_line varchar)")))
        return q.lastError();

    q.exec("insert into entries(id, first_line, second_line) values(0, 'first line 0', 'second line 0')");
    q.exec("insert into entries(id, first_line, second_line) values(1, 'first line 1', 'second line 1')");
    q.exec("insert into entries(id, first_line, second_line) values(2, 'first line 2', 'second line 2')");

    return QSqlError();

model and listview definition:


QSqlQueryModel *sqlModel = new QSqlQueryModel();
sqlModel->setQuery("SELECT * FROM entries");

ui->listView->setItemDelegate(new ListViewDelegate());

hope this helps, regards

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Thanks! Can you give me a short example of how to paint a QIcon in the cell as well? – gmpi Mar 20 '11 at 13:58
create a pixmap for your icon: icon.pixmap(...); then use painter->drawPixmap(pos, pixmap) to draw it – serge_gubenko Mar 22 '11 at 1:41

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