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I have a table that has a comma separated list of ids in one of the fields (not my doing). I want to know if I can use LIKE to match a number in this string? The problem is I don't want to get similar numbers. Is there a way to match a number with no numeric charcters on either side?

SELECT * FROM table WHERE activitiesids LIKE 6

   | activitiesids |
   |   3,16,8,6    |
   |       6       |
   |      7,560    |
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Haven't tested but you can try something like this:

SELECT * FROM table WHERE activitiesids REGEXP '[[:<:]][0-9]+[[:>:]]';
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I like this. :) –  Cogicero May 11 '11 at 14:15

Something like that:

WHERE ids LIKE '%,16,%' OR ids LIKE '%,16' OR ids LIKE '16,%';

Postgresql even has pattern matching - I don't know for mysql:

WHERE ids ~ '^(.*,)?16(,.*)?$'; 
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