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I posted a couple days ago about converting EBNF grammar to CFG. Well I think I have the jist of it now, but I'm a bit stuck on this particular one:

How would you convert:

MultiplicativeExpr -> PrimaryExpr (( '*' | '/' ) PrimaryExpr)*

to CFG?

My attempt here is to get rid of the * at the end (which means 0 or more) and replace it with a recursive way of writing it.

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You have the correct idea. Using an additional variable (recursive), you can do it like this:

MultiplicativeExpr -> PrimaryExpr SignExprList
SignExprList -> ε | '*' PrimaryExpr SignExprList | '/' PrimaryExpr SignExprList

Of course this isn't the only way, for example you could also do something like Sign -> '*' | '/', and use that in SignExprList...

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