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So I've come to like and enjoy using Google Test for a C++ project I'm involved in. I'm just bringing up a new project that will be straight C (a library) and so far can't see any reason why not to continuing using Google Test, even though its a C++ framework. Having a C++ compiler available will not be an issue.

Are there are specific reasons why I shouldn't use Google Test for testing straight C code?


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I can understand why you'd want to do this, gtest is pretty parsimonious. Great question. –  Matt Joiner May 14 '11 at 10:37

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It is pretty common to test C code using a C++ testing frameworks, even the leading book on the subject follows this approach. I have used googletest extensively in the past to unit test C code and can recommend it.

I have written a blog post about it that might be useful: http://meekrosoft.wordpress.com/2009/11/09/unit-testing-c-code-with-the-googletest-framework/

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Excellent blog on the subject. Thanks! –  embedded_guy Apr 16 '14 at 18:07

As all Google's C++ code, Google Test does not use exceptions, so exception safety flow won't be an issue. As long as your headers are C++-compatible (not using C++ keywords, export symbols with correct linkage), it should be fine.

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I could not name one. I guess there will be some things which you don't have in "normal" C. E.g I think the TestCase are derived from a certain class. But within the test you can test whatever you like and so why not C?

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Jason, be aware of that!!! :D

As Meekrosoft said, yes, it is possible. I also used his website when I tried to do that. It works, but there is one big problem:

GTest is objected oriented tool and C language isn't!

In example, in GTest you have a lot of functions (80% of whole API) that request object as parameter, for example:

EXPECT_CALL(turtle, PenDown())              // turtle is object(class) and PenDown() is method of that object

from GTest website https://code.google.com/p/googlemock/wiki/ForDummies so you will use only macros like expect_equal, expect_bigger_than and so on...

I would like to suggest you tool CMocka (or some other C unit testing tools). It is also from google (modified by group of non-google developers) and it is created directly for C language. I use this one when I want to test C-type source code.

I hope this helps.. :-) Have a nice day.. :-)

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