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I have watched the upload snippets which use HttpClient and FileUpload. But I couldn't find any snippet which demo the HttpClient+FileUpload download :( If you know links or even some demo projects share please

Much appreciated useful comments :)


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Within the web context, you can use a ServletOutputStream. Here resource path info is passed as the extra path info on the HTTP.

final ServletOutputStream out = res.getOutputStream();
String file = req.getPathInfo();
if (file == null) {
  out.println("Extra path info was null; should be a resource to view");

// Convert the resource to a URL
URL url = getServletContext().getResource(file);
if (url == null) { 
  out.println("Resource " + file + " not found");

//Serve the file
InputStream in = url.openStream();
byte[] buf = new byte[4 * 1024]; // 4K buffer
int bytesRead;
while ((bytesRead = != -1) {
  out.write(buf, 0, bytesRead);
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Is this unlimited file length outputting? And according to the given snippet what client snippet should be then? – user592704 Mar 17 '11 at 17:27
Anyway, thanks. It gave me the coding style vision :) – user592704 Mar 19 '11 at 6:37

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