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Multiple annotations found at this line: - error: Multiple substitutions specified in non-positional format; did you mean to add the formatted="false" attribute? - error: Unexpected end tag string

when i use string like:You have %d appointment(s)\n..and %d task(s). my sdk2.2 .i donot know why appear this mistakes.

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Please provide some code, where you are getting this error. – mudit Mar 17 '11 at 6:09
only i string appear wrong,my string :You have %d appointment(s)\n..and %d task(s) – pengwang Mar 17 '11 at 6:19
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I think it should be
You have %1$d appointment(s)\n..and %2$d task(s)

Check this out

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+1 for understanding the question! – CMR Mar 17 '11 at 6:13
thank you ,i used %% instead % – pengwang Mar 17 '11 at 6:18

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