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ruby 1.9 now uses fastercsv, but how do i replicate the generate_line behaviour of ruby 1.8.7 ?

ruby-1.8.7-p334 :010 > require 'csv'
 => true
ruby-1.8.7-p334 :010 > CSV.generate_line(["ab","cd"], "\t")
 => "ab\tcd"

ruby-1.9.2-p180 :002 > require 'csv'
 => true
ruby-1.9.2-p180 :007 > CSV.generate_line(["ab","cd"], :row_sep => ?\t)
 => "ab,cd\t"

Notice how \t is between the two array items in ruby 1.8.7 and at last in 1.9.2

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You have to use col_sep instead. row_sep is the row separator:

CSV.generate_line(["ab","cd"], :col_sep => ?\t)
=> "ab\tcd\n"


CSV.generate_line(["ab","cd"], :col_sep => ?\t, :row_sep => '')
=> "ab\tcd"

You can find more details and additional options in the documentation.

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