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which NFC forum defined tags are you using?

We were using previously NFC forum Tag 1 tags, which was was provided to us by Innovision company and were known under its sales name Topaz. Since the Innovision was bought by Broadcom the product disappear from the market. Are there any other NFC forum Tag 1 providers? So far we are going with NFC forum Tag 2 NXP Mifare UltraLight C, but they have half a capacity as Topaz had...

Which software and contactless readers are you using to write the data to the NFC tags?


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Most of the tags I am using are mifare classic with 1k memory. I got them from smartcardfocus.com.

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Thanks for comments. Anyone else has other experience?? Seems that Android 2.3.3 supports quite a wide range of NFC tags (compared to version 2.3)... –  STeN May 19 '11 at 14:49

i can see on the market only Mifare Ultralight (NFC Forum NDEF tag type 2) and Mifare classic - that's all. Other types I cannot see anywhere available for ordering in online shop to order. Especially Topaz tags...

Is everybody using Mifare?

Thanks STeN

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mifare classic with 1k memory here, too. Would try some others, but not avaiable (and if, only in 10.000 packages from china)

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I'm making my own, it uses NFC A (much like Type 2 tags)

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