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Is it possible to generate PDF Documents in an Adobe AIR application without resorting to a round trip web service for generating the PDF? I've looked at the initial Flex Reports on GoogleCode but it requires a round trip for generating the actual PDF.

Given that AIR is supposed to be the Desktop end for RIAs is there a way to accomplish this? I suspect I am overlooking something but my searches through the documentation don't reveal too much and given the target for AIR I can't believe that it's just something they didn't include.

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There's AlivePDF, which is a PDF generation library for ActionScript that should work, it was made just for the situation you describe.

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Just added a Adobe Air + Javascript + AlivePDF demo:

This demo doesn't require flex and is pretty straight forward.

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Hi.. I am also looking for pdf option, I have to generate a long pdf of about 15 pages, in which I have to add number of mxml components on resulting pdf, I am trying to use alive pdf for the same, but my page is having vertical scroll and hidden part getting excluded from the pdf and also I am not getting good quality pdf I was trying to open your demo but link not working, it's been a long time..if you can help me a bit, then pl. Thanks in advance. – Saurabh Dixit Sep 19 '13 at 6:49

One of the other teams where I work is working on a Flex-based drawing application and they were totally surprised that AIR / Flex does not have PDF authoring built-in. They ended up rolling their own simple PDF creator based on the PDF specification.

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Yes it is very easy to create PDF using AlivePDF, here is the sample code, first method create a pdf and second method save the pdf on disk and return the path, feel free to ask any question.

public function createFlexPdf() : String
    pdf = new PDF();
    pdf.setDisplayMode (Display.FULL_WIDTH,Layout.ONE_COLUMN,Mode.FIT_TO_PAGE,0.96);
    var myFontStyle:IFont = new CoreFont ( FontFamily.COURIER );
        pdf.addText('Kamran Aslam',10,20);//String, X-Coord, Y-Coord 
    return savePDF();
private function savePDF():String
    var fileStream:FileStream = new FileStream();
    var file:File = File.createTempDirectory();
    file = file.resolvePath("temp.pdf");, FileMode.WRITE);
    var bytes:ByteArray =;
    return file.url;
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