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I have a viewmodel that includes a complex property of type TestThing which is declared as:

public class TestThing
        [Display(Name = "String3", Prompt = "String4")]
        public string Test1 { get; set; }

        [Display(Name = "String5", Prompt = "String6")]
        public string Test2 { get; set; }

I have an EditorTemplate for this type in which I would like to be able to access the meta data for each of the child properties. If the template was for a string for example, I could access the Prompt text by using @ViewData.ModelMetadata.Watermark, but because it is a complex type, I cannot use this method.

Is there an alternative?

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You could fetch the metadata for each property like this:

    var metadata = ModelMetadata
        .FromLambdaExpression<TestThing, string>(x => x.Test2, ViewData);
    var watermak = metadata.Watermark;
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1) Check this out.

     (m => m.Test1 , 
        new {  
              @placeholder =  
                  (m=>m.Test1 ,ViewData).Watermark.ToString()
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