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I'm developing an ActionScript 3.0 app for Blackberry Playbook.

I have a Loader with a fixed size of 240x240px. The images that can be loaded inside are smaller or bigger than 240x240px, and also they aren't squared.

I use this code to resize that images:

private function onLoadedEvent(event:Event):void
    var targetLoader:Loader = Loader(event.target.loader);
    var factor:Number;
    if (targetLoader.content.height > targetLoader.content.width) {
        factor = 240/targetLoader.content.height;
        factor = 240/targetLoader.content.width;
    targetLoader.content.height = targetLoader.content.height * factor;
    targetLoader.content.width = targetLoader.content.width * factor;

How can I do to set that images centered vertically inside that Loader?

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I think this should do (putting it after the resize) unless I misunderstood your question:

targetLoader.content.y = (240 - targetLoader.content.height) / 2
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Yes, this is what I was looking for. Thank you. –  VansFannel Mar 17 '11 at 9:22

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