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I am trying to understand what is the interest of HTML2PDF versus using directly TCPDF. In order words, What are the benifit of HTML2PDF ? Why it's better that use directly TCPDF ?

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as you know HTML2PDF (for PHP 5.x) is based on TCPDF.

HTML2PDF handles HTML better than TCPDF, and HTML2PDF can use CSS Classes, and have a couple more of cool functions, specially for dynamic content which TCPDF alone does not handle well. think of it as "TCPDF++"

Download HTML2PDF or go to their website and look at the examples, they will show you better than me!!

Don't forget to set set_time_limit() when generating large documents, to know why look @ this post.

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For some developers, it is faster to write a template that produces specific HTML instead of expressly making all of the necessary API calls to build the PDF one piece of text and one box at a time.

I'm personally a big fan of wkhtmltopdf, which uses the popular, powerful and standards-compliant WebKit rendering engine. Most common HTML-to-PDF programs either don't understand CSS, or understand CSS poorly.

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