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if you declare in class function getName() then if i call obj->name i guess getName() must called, but i get Undefined property name why?

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It doesn't work like that, it's more like this:

class Foo {
    protected $name;

    public function getName() { 
        return $this->name;
    public function __get($key) {
        switch($key) {
            case 'name':
                return $this->getName();
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While this is correct the getName() function is completely redundant in this scenario. –  Dai Mar 17 '11 at 10:28
@Dai - only because this is a simplified example. Perhaps the actual getName() does a lot more work (query the database?), and it would be nice to segregate that functionality into its own method rather than clutter up __get(). –  MightyE Mar 17 '11 at 10:33
Well that's why I qualified my comment with "in this scenario". –  Dai Mar 17 '11 at 11:13

That's not correct.

You are probably referring to the magic __get method, which would work like this:

public function __get($name) {
    switch($name) {
        case "name":
            return "whatever";

This would return whatever if you did $obj->name.

To return whatever from $obj->getName(), you would need to override __call like this:

public function __call($name, $arguments) {
    if (strpos($name, 'get') !== 0) {

    $name = substr($name, 3);
    switch($name) {
        case 'Name': // case sensitive!
            return 'whatever';

See it in action here.

Note: Normally you would have the names of the properties you can return in an array instead of writing a switch statement with hardcoded values (for much greater flexibility).

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The __get method works like this

class Test {
    private $var1;
    private $var2;

    function __construct($1, $2) {
        $this->var1 = $1;
        $this->var2 = $2;

    function __get($var) {
        return $this->$var;

So if you create an instance of this class...

$tst = new Test("hello", "world");
print $tst->var1;

The result will be

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