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is have serious problems in configuring struts-tiles with virtual-directories for local developement. I have got my tiles-def.xml deployed in my ear. And i have got virtual-directory mapping, which works great, but not with tiles, because i want to include the jsp in my tiles-def.

is this possible? Does anybody have an experience?


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I would probably try using wildcards with your struts tiles results.

You may also need to include some configuration settings in your struts.xml:

<constant name="struts.enable.SlashesInActionNames" value="true"/>
<constant name="struts.mapper.alwaysSelectFullNamespace" value="false"/>
<constant name="struts.patternMatcher" value="regex" />

If you have access to the directory structure in the url or in the struts action class, it can be passed to the tiles results as follows:

//passing the value in with the action call
<action name="hello/{myDirectory}">
    <result type="tiles">/Hello.{1}.tiles</result>

//passing the value from a field within the action
<action name="hello">
    <result type="tiles">/Hello.${myDirectory}.tiles</result>

You then set up the tiles to accept wildcards as well

<definition name="hello.*.tiles" template="/layout.jsp">
    <put-attribute name="body" value="/{1}/hello.jsp"/>
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