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I'm just finishing a CMS that I want to release as open source. The program has some ini_set() directives to set a secure environment, like session.use_only_cookies, etc. The problem is that some hosts don't allow ini_set() and only allow configuration with the php.ini file. Is there a way to set up a secure PHP environment on a wide base of PHP configurations? How do other PHP programs face this problem (e.g. Wordpress, Drupal etc.).

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Generally speaking :

  • In your software :
    • try to not depend on too many system-wide settings
    • have something that works with default settings (see the php.ini file(s) that are provided with a default PHP installation -- both from php.net, and from the major Linux distributions)
  • Write some short and clear list of requirements
  • Code some kind of installation script, that will :
    • check automatically for those requirements,
    • and explain how to set those that are not properly configured
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Do you know by any chance a good resource/article/tutorial which explains how a good setup script should look like and what it should check? Would like to know some good practices, never wrote a setup script before. –  wowpatrick Mar 17 '11 at 11:56
@wowpatrick not really, sorry :-( –  Pascal MARTIN Mar 17 '11 at 12:48

You could output a warning if you encounter a setting that you deem unsecure.

Many web apps do it that way, e.g. if the install script isn't deleted, or the administrator has a default password.

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