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Hello is it possible to write new id3v2 tags to a mp3-file through actionscript? Normally you can read/write tags like artist,album,genre... But I would like to add for example the tag "atmosphere = smooth".


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Unfortunately, there is no working library to write/edit ID3 tags in ActionScript, or at least I wouldn't know of one. But you can access and edit the file as ByteArray. Check the ID3v2.3 specification to find out which bytes to read and write.

There is a c/c++ project called id3lib on sourceforge. Should you consider porting this to ActionScript using Alchemy, I would be very much interested in the resulting product ;)

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There are some libraries with the attempt to access id3 tags in actionscript: code.google.com/p/mp3infoutil and code.google.com/p/metaphile and blog.benstucki.net/?p=3but I will have to try those first and I will post here if I will have to port it. –  algro Mar 17 '11 at 18:27

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