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I have two disabled textbox. And it's passing nil as value.

Still update_attribute is firing validation for those textboxes.

As per my knowledge update_attribute should not update the spefic column which has nil value passed.

validates_inclusion_of :text_response_time, :in => 0..60, :message => " should be between 0 to 60 minutes."

(rdb:589) params[:test][:text_response_time]
(rdb:589) @test.update_attributes!(params[:test])
ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid Exception: Validation failed: Text response time  should be between 0 to 60 minutes.

Any Idea!

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update attributes always validates the entire object, hence why you keep getting the failed validation. your options would then be to either simply use update_attribute (which ignores validation) or use conditional validation as described in this railscast

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To further illustrate:

@test.update_attribute(:test, params[:test][:text_response_time])

will save without validation.

Another strategy that may work in your situation is to only validate on creation (and not updates):

validates_inclusion_of :text_response_time, :in => 0..60,
  :message => "should be between 0 to 60 minutes.", :on => :create
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