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I'm using a grid which have editurl: "clientArray",datatype: 'xmlstring', datastr: '<%=_xml_string %>'.

I have a button in my page , and when i click it i make an ajax call and get an xml containing new rows that i want to add to my grid.

Currently i'm looping through the xml rows and using addRowData for each row.

My question is how can append these rows to the current grid? I want the rows that are currently in the grid to still be there and append to them the new rows from the xml i get.

Thank's In Advance.

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You can for example prepare an array of data with the new rows. You can add all the rows in one call of addRowData (read the documentation for more information about different parameters of addRowData).

The things will be more easy if you would return JSON data from the server instead of XML. It is recommended for the most situations. Then you can just make one call of addRowData with the data returned from the server to append there to the grid. Optionally you can needed to use small customization of the localReader (see here for more information)

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I added the rows row by row, i had some problem later on when i deleted them. but it think it's o.k now. thank's! –  user590586 Mar 22 '11 at 9:53

depending on the formatting of the returned data, you could use addXMLData, however you may have to manipulate the returned XML first in order to have it format correctly.

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@user664408: addXMLData Populates the grid and not inserts the new rows to the existing grid rows. –  user590586 Mar 17 '11 at 19:45

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