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I want to do something like this to call a JSP 2.0 tag:

<mytags:foo abc="<%=def%>">
  <mytags:bar ghi="<%=jkl%>"/>

Where Strings def and jkl are defined earielr in the jsp file. Suppose my tag files look like this:


<%@ tag body-content="scriptless" %>
<%@ attribute name="abc" required="true" %>
<div class="${abc}">


<%@ tag body-content="scriptless" %>
<%@ attribute name="ghi" required="true" %>

I want the output to look like this:

<div class="def">

(assuming the variables def and jkl were initialized to def and jkl, respectively, in the calling JSP file.)

The outer tag gets its attribute just fine (<div class="def">) but the inner one fails.

Is this possible? I am getting errors that jkl cannot be resolved.

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Note the body-content="scriptless" attribute in the tag directive. This means that the body surrounded by the tag can't contain scriptlet code (the "<% %>" stuff). You need to use EL.

It works for me if I change the stuff in the JSP to:

  <c:set var="def" value="def"></c:set>
  <c:set var="jkl" value="jkl"></c:set>

  <mytags:foo abc="${def}">
      <mytags:bar ghi="${jkl}"/>

Note that I need to add <%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %>

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