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I'm a newbie when it comes to client/server apps but I have an idea for an app but need a few ideas on how to implement it. I want users to be able to submit say a post and the server would store it. Other users will be able to also submit posts...the posts will then be able to be viewed as a list updated from the server. What is the best way to ndo this with android? JSON? SQL? What have you found easy? Thanks any suggestions are much appreciated!

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Write a server component with your app-specific services, such as creating a post, retrieving all posts, etc. JSON is a simple and good choice.

Use DefaultHttpClient or AndroidHttpClient for communicating with your server via HTTP:

Use the org.json package to create requests and parse responses:

These packages and classes are basically available on all Android devices, and they are fairly easy to use.

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Everything is built into Android SDK except Jackson and Deacon

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