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So, basically this is what I want to do. A, building a mobile news applet that will connect to a server running Java/Python to get news items. The server connects to a news site which has rss feeds. Note: the site is not mine.! Questions 1. Can I use google feed api to read the sites feeds? 2. If so, I need a short abstract description of how to go about it(I can't understand what google have written about it.)

N/B: Am a newbie, so please keep explanations basic.

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  1. yes you can.

    import urllib2 import simplejson url = (''+'v=1.0&q=Official%20Google%20Blog&key=INSERT-YOUR-KEY&userip=INSERT-USER-IP')

    request = urllib2.Request(url, None, {'Referer': /* Enter the URL of your site here */}) response = urllib2.urlopen(request)

Process the JSON string.

results = simplejson.load(response)
now have some fun with the results...

after we have "results" its just a matter of processing a JSON format response. cant get simpler than this.

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