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I would like to use Adobe Flex to make a client and node.js to make a server for long polling. I am trying to develop a chat application in Flex.

Can any one suggest me how I can accomplish this?

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I don't know much about the Adobe Flex stuff, but why do you want to create long polling server with this technology when it supports two-way communication? –  yojimbo87 Mar 17 '11 at 19:51

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Try to look at (source code of) Socket.io client and server modules which are using Adobe Flash Socket as one of it's transport options.

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Broadly there are two ways to approach this:

  1. Direct TCP using a combination of flash.net.Socket (Flash) and net.Server (node.js).
  2. HTTP-based polling using a combination of flash.net.URLLoader (Flash) and http.Server (node.js).

It depends on your requirements.

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