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I develop with 2 wide monitors, and I have roughly 3200 pixels across my desk. However, I develop applications for a lower common denominator, typically 1024 X 768. How can I set the default window size to 1024 X 768 when debugging?

I know you can set the default browser and window size using the context menu with an .aspx file, but .cshtml files have no "Browse With" menu option. I am using the World of VS Browser Switcher, which is great, but I see no way to set the default window size. I have set one of my monitors to display 1024 X 768, but that's an ugly solution.

How can I set my debug browser window size to 1024 X 768 without giving up my lucious development real estate?

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In IE, hit F12 to bring up the developer tools window. Then Tools --> Resize --> 1024 x 768.

There are add-ons for this in FireFox and Chrome as well.

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Not the path I envisioned, but works great. Following your lead, there is Window Resizer for FireFox 3.1-3.5 (, and Window Resizer for Chrome 4.0+ ( FireSizer ( claims to work with FireFox 1.0-4.0. – wilk Mar 17 '11 at 17:39

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