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I have read this question about the differences in the window- and view-based iOS application templates in Xcode, but I'm still confused about what template to use in my iPhone app.

I am developing a geolocation app for service stations. What template would be more appropriate for this: the view-based application template or the window-based one?

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The choice won't greatly affect your end product. The real question is what template gets me closest to the app I'm designing.

The view-based application template is geared towards an app with a single view. It's just a starting point, though, and you can always add more views/controllers to it afterwards. There's nothing special in the view-based template that you couldn't add to a window-based template, as shown in this blog post.

Your app sounds like it might benefit more from a navigation-based template. That will give you a UINavigationController and a UITableViewController to work with initially, and I'm guessing that would work well with your list of service stations. Perhaps when a service station is selected, you'd push a geolocalisation (sp?) view controller showing the details of the service station?

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View-based Application description:

This template provides a starting point for an application that uses a single view.

If your app's design contains only a single view, then choosing View-based Application will save you the trouble of creating and linking that view. Even if your app has more than one view, View-based can still save you the time of making that initial view. You want Window-based Application for when you know you're setting up something custom.

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Hi, i decided to use a view-based application template for my app, i hope there is no big difference which may influence on the final purpose of my app :))) –  Malloc Mar 21 '11 at 23:52

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