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I have a library project in Xcode 4. I'm building against iOS 4.3. The build products path is set to /Developer/Projects/BuildOutput. I'm building 'iPhone 4.3 Simulator'. In Xcode4, how do you specify a debug or release build?

When I go to /Developer/Projects/BuildOutput/Debug-iphonesimulator, the library .a file is not there.

In the project settings Info tab, 'command line builds use' is set to Debug. In previous versions of Xcode, debug/release build options were available from the drop down menu on the main IDE toolbar - same location that I'm choosing 'iPhone 4.3 Simulator'.

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They changed the build behavior in Xcode 4 a little, so builds do not longer end up in the same directories as before.

You can fix this in the Xcode 4 preferences (notice the Derived Data setting):

XCode screenshot

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Nice. Thanks. For the above option on Build Location, is that recommended? Mine is set to the other option, which is working for me. –  4thSpace Mar 17 '11 at 16:38

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