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When using UIAutomation I can't seem to be able to get a reference to the context menu that is shown when a right click is command is executed.

The following example shows a case where I opened up a new window with a (windows explorer inside it),got its correct reference from the available DesktopWindows (note that I can move it ok) and triggered the context menu via a right-click.

var windowName = "This is a WinForms window: {0}".format(3.randomLetters());
var topPanel =<Panel>(windowName,600,200 );
var webBrowser = topPanel.add_WebBrowser_Control();"".o2Temp2Dir());
var guiAutomation = new API_GuiAutomation();
var window = guiAutomation.desktopWindow(windowName);

return window.Popup;


I tried to use the window.Popup variable to get the popup but that was null (not that the window object is of type White.Core.UIItems.WindowItems.WinFormWindow

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Looks like you answered your own question here:

EDIT: I found a way to do this:

public static PopUpMenu getContextMenu(this API_GuiAutomation guiAutomation)     
            var emptyWindow = guiAutomation.desktopWindow("");
            return emptyWindow.Popup;
        return null;

which can then be consumed like this:

    var contextMenu =  guiAutomation.getContextMenu();"Git Clone...").click();
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Yes I did, that worked :) – Dinis Cruz Jun 7 '11 at 14:31
static PopUpMenu GetCurrentPopUpMenu(){

    List<Window> windows = WindowFactory.Desktop.DesktopWindows();
    foreach(Window w in windows)
        if(w.Name == "") return w.PopUp;
    return null;
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