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I have an EditableDate property and am displaying it in a WebForms page with <n2:Display> tag. The default output is something like 7/02/2011 12:00:00 AM however I would like to format the date like 7 February 2011. Have tried <n2:Display Format="{0:d MMM yyyy}"> however this just outputs {0:d MMM yyyy}.

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Not sure about this: could it be that you only need the formatting part?

<n2:Display Format="d MMM yyyy">
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In your ContentItem, add a new property like "XDateString" as follow :

[EditableDate("Date", 50, ContainerName = Tabs.Content)]
public virtual DateTime? EventDate
      get { return (DateTime?)GetDetail("EventDate"); }
      set { SetDetail("EventDate", value); }

public virtual string EventDateString
         if (!EventDate.HasValue) return string.Empty;

         //Format here your Date
         return (EventDate.Value.ToString("d") + " " +
                 EventDate.Value.ToString("MMMM") + " " +

Then in design page, add :

<n2:Display runat="server" PropertyName="EventDateString"/>
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