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Here is an example of the input data, with the number of characters prefixing the '.' being close to the real scenario, and likewise for the number of characters appended to the '.' The length of the input will have around 30 XML nodes.


Here is an example of a file it needs to be mapped to.


Here is the first way I can think of to map. This is straightforward and would require no parsing of the node name.

<Example1.Identifier1 EntityName="Entity1" ColumnName="Column1"/>
<Example1.Identifier2 EntityName="Entity1" ColumnName="Column2"/>
<Example1.Identifier1 EntityName="Entity2" ColumnName="Column1"/>
<Example1.Identifier2 EntityName="Entity2" ColumnName="Column2"/>

Here is the second way and would grab the bit which prefixes the '.' which would take some time, but on the other hand you would be searching through less nodes as you'd be able to narrow them down quicker.

    <Identifier1 ColumnName="Column1/>
    <Identifier1 ColumnName="Column2/>
    <Identifier1 ColumnName="Column1/>
    <Identifier1 ColumnName="Column2/>

My feeling is the second option is faster, around 6 characters before the . and you'd have to search through half the number of nodes, right? Ultimately it would be a dictionary of dictionaries in C#. But maybe the C# dictionary has efficiencies I am not aware of which means going with the first option makes more sense. I'm unsure but I'm not coding it up until tomorrow so any opinions much appreciated.

Kind regards, Thomas

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If your file is only 30 nodes, then it really doesn't matter how you do it.. the speed difference will be inconsequential. –  mdm20 Mar 17 '11 at 17:19
multiple files may need to be mapped in one go –  Thomas King Mar 18 '11 at 9:44
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