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I'm creating a multi-module project with a flat hierarchy in Eclipse:

¦ myproject-parent ¦ - pom.xml ¦ myproject ¦ - pom.xml ¦ myproject-dep ¦ - pom.xml

With the parent pom having references to the two modules, myproject has myproject-dep in its dependencies and both have the parent noted. The project and subproject dependencies are complete in the web/WEB-INF/lib folder for Tomcat.

myproject is a (dynamic) web project with compiled classes going to myproject/web/WEB-INF/classes, while the dependency project's classes go into myproject-dep/target/classes. myproject is run on Tomcat and myproject-dep is a required project on the build path.

In this situation, I would expect all the dependencies to be in order but the Catalina class loader can't find myproject-dep's classes. If I add these to the tomcat classpath explicitly in the run configurations then it fails by not finding jar's from myproject-dep that are clearly present in the webapps's lib folder.

What have I missed here? Thanks!

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Can put the poms here to take a deeper look how your build looks like? – khmarbaise Mar 17 '11 at 17:52

You say that you are building with maven, but it doesn't sound like you are packaging your war with maven.

If you were using the maven-war-plugin, it would already pull your declared dependencies into the war when it goes through the packaging phase. This also assumes that the dependencies have a properly declared scope, which in your case sounds like the default of compile.

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