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We use PMD-CPD for analyzing java code. Is there a similar tool for "javascript files"

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Fwiw, CPD now works with EcmaScript, at least to some extent. See dukesoftware00.blogspot.com/2012/07/… Eg: ./bin/run.sh cpd --minimum-tokens 100 --files ~/project/foo/js --language ecmascript –  Noah Sussman Dec 5 '12 at 16:33
@ Noah Sussman - Nice to know. provide it as an answer :) –  Jayan Dec 6 '12 at 4:29

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CPD now (as of version 5.0) supports JavaScript. The following command worked for me:

/bin/run.sh cpd --minimum-tokens 50 --files ~/project/foo/js --language ecmascript

The value of --mininum-tokens is arbitrary and I'd suggest playing with different values (eg try 100, 75, and 25). In my current codebase I found that I got interesting results with little noise at around 50 tokens.

It's great that CPD now works with JavaScript because, while there are a lot of nice JavaScript style-checkers (partial list in this related question: Are there any JavaScript static analysis tools?), there hasn't been a decent code duplication tool for JS, until now.

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Clearly JavaScript support in CPD is a very important improvement :) –  Jayan Dec 6 '12 at 14:41
I've found minimum-tokens set to 50 highlights big chunks of copy and paste, but setting the minimum-tokens to 10 works well keeping your logic DRY on a lower level. –  Elliot Coad Jul 25 '13 at 11:02
I am little bit confused here :( .. how to generate report from the above mentioned command.. like wise.. html report is generate for java code? –  dhroove Sep 8 '14 at 5:28

Our CloneDR product line does Copy Paste detection for a wide variety of languages, including JavaScript. CloneDR finds exact and near miss clones, regardless of formatting, comments, change of variable names and often for replace, inserted or deleted statements.

CloneDR detects clones over language structures ("AST based", e.g, expressions, statements, blocks, functions, ...). It finds clones even when there is considerable variation, e.g., replacement of one expression by another, etc.

This is in contrast to what typical token-based detectors do, which is find just token sequences with no logical boundaries; a token based detector will tell you that

       }  void x (

is a clone of

       }  void q (

which is not very useful (a "false positive").

CloneDR consequently produces much more sensible results (more readable, fewer false positives) than typical token-based detectors, even when CloneDR is run (as is usual) with what amounts to a small number of tokens.

There's an example run on Google's (Javascript) Closure library at the site. It has been available for JavaScript since 2008 or so.

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Simple copy paste detector located here - jscpd, currently worked for javascript and coffeescript code.

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Simian the Similarity Analyser also supports Javascript and works well. It is easy to use, just

java -jar simian-2.3.35.jar -language=javascript "folder/**/*.js"

The default threshold is 6 and is a bit finer than CPD with 50 tokens. (But I did not do a detailed comparison.) You can change it with e.g. -threshold=10. It has also a lot of other options.

Note that Simian is not free for commercial use.

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