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I started to work on a custum project template for Xcode 4. I found this two links : - http://blog.boreal-kiss.net/2011/03/11/a-minimal-project-template-for-xcode-4/ - http://snipt.net/yonishin/about-xcode-4-project-template

It helps to start but I do not manage to implement things like : - add another Xcode project as a target dependency, - add a group into another group.

Any idea how to do such things, or where I could find some documentations ?

Regards, Quentin

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I haven't tried to add target dependencies yet but I've created a post to answer you subgroups issues. litte-buddy got the answer.

Hope this helps for this part at least.



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Thanks for this help. –  Quentin Apr 20 '11 at 12:59

Shameless plug:

Unofficial Xcode 4 Template Documentation

I've put in roughly 70 hours to document the Xcode 4 template system as good as is possible with trial and error. It's 70 pages plus several example templates. I charge a small fee for it because it's extensive and I put a lot of time into it.

I was most interested in figuring a way to add other Xcode projects to a project template, that actually got the documentation effort started.

Unfortunately, all my tests did point to one conclusion: Apple never intended for project templates to use or create additional project references. You can add a .xcodeproj file to the project template, but the new project template format unfortunately doesn't allow you to copy files without adding them to the newly created project. In essence I would say that creating project templates referencing other Xcode projects may be possible but not in a satisfactory way (speak: no manual cleanup by user of the newly created project). At least not to me.

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This is worth buying, it saved me a lot of time. –  Jano Jun 13 '11 at 7:43

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