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Is there way to set terminator (Version: 0.95ppa1) TABS title to different via CLI(bash). I wanted this feature to use with AutoKey and I can open multiple machine at same time and set title to Name of the machine its connected to ?.


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Try superuser.com ? –  Paul R Mar 17 '11 at 18:30
Thanks Paul. Let me try there. I found other useful utility mrxvt.. its seems to be very powerful.. Looks like, I'm going to migrate to mrxvt instead of terminator for this purpose. –  Xprog Mar 17 '11 at 22:34
Even I want this feature. Any luck finding solution for this ? –  mac Mar 27 at 8:54
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4 Answers

TITLE="\e]2;\"This is just crazy enough to work\"\a"

Resets title to

"This is just crazy enough to work"

This should apply to all xterm-style terminal emulators.

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excellent! Just visited this today :D Terminator on ubuntu works. –  user1012451 Aug 20 '12 at 16:47
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PS1 does not need to be set. Credit for this function goes to geirha on freenode #bash

set_title() { printf '\e]2;%s\a' "$*"; }

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This doesn't work for me, at least in Terminator. –  Josh Glover Mar 6 '13 at 13:28
This works for me: printf "\e]2;This is the new title\a"; I think the quotes need to be double. –  alex.pilon May 1 '13 at 14:56
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This seems to work for me. I'm using BASH on Crunchbang (Debian derived)

$ echo -en '\e]0;echo works too\a'
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With Terminator 0.96 and GNU bash 4.2.25 the printf suggestion above worked for me, but I had to tweak it slightly to make it into a function that would just work for me in a new Terminator tab. I added this to the end of my ~/.bashrc file:

set_title() { printf "\e]2;$*\a"; }

The key was placing the \a at the end of the quoted string. Then when opening a new tab in Terminator I can use this like so:

set_title "My new tab title"

Apologies to those who already stated the essentials of this answer, but since I found that I had to make slight changes to get it to work for me, this my also benefit someone else.

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FYI printf will correctly insert the first following argument in place of the '%s'. Tom Dignan solution's worked fine here on bash 4.3.8 and terminator 0.97. But yours will have known issues ('invalid character format', or missing characters in the title) if you happen to use character % in your title. –  vaab Jun 3 at 7:25
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