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I have created a gridview which adds a remove button through item template. I wish to know how do u remove the row from grid view dynamically depending upon the button he clicks ?

protected void RemoveBtn_OnClick(object sender, EventArgs e)
        Button clickedButton = sender as Button;
        GridViewRow row = (GridViewRow)clickedButton.Parent.Parent;
        int rowID = Convert.ToInt16(row.RowIndex);


<asp:GridView ID= "GridView1" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="true" OnRowDeleting="RowDeletingEvent">
    <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Remove Items">
            <asp:Button id="RemoveBtn"  runat="server" Text="Remove" OnClick="RemoveBtn_OnClick"/>

Thank you in anticipation

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Use the GridView.RowCommand Event.

The RowCommand event is raised when a button is clicked in the GridView control. This enables you to provide an event-handling method that performs a custom routine whenever this event occurs.

Buttons within a GridView control can also invoke some of the built-in functionality of the control. To perform one of these operations, set the CommandName property of a button to one of the values in the following table.

CommandName Value
"Delete" - Deletes the current record. Raises the RowDeleting and RowDeleted events.
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