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I have downloaded Amazon Web Services Java SDK, and signed up for access key. Now my questions are:

  • What theoretical or Amazon Web Services related things should I know? (And from where?)
  • What sort of Apps or Programs should I try out since API is at my disposal? (And from where I can get some problems or sample examples?)

Aim is to learn AWS so I can develop my self as commercial programmer for AWS.

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Amazon offers a 1 week training in Seattle where they go through most of their APIs and give you code examples and use cases. All (or mosts) examples are in Java and includes real-case application code.

I have been to one of these and the trainer had EXTREMELY extensive knowledge of all the APIs and how to use them. It is really a fast track to understanding what are the numerous services of amazon and how they integrate.

Otherwise, there are a bunch of whitepapers:


Vincent Giguère

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