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I'd like to continue using the build in wordpress gallery, but I'm just searching for some sort of plugin that would add abit more functionality.

I'm looking to exclude images without deleting them, and included images in the gallery that are already in the media library.

I was able to find a plugin that can exclude images ( http://scottrasher.com/wordpress-plugin-for-excluding-gallery-pictures-for-adding-to-post/) but haven't be able to find anything to include already existing images.

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More suitable on wordpress.stackexchange.com methinks – Pekka 웃 Mar 17 '11 at 18:36

http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/multiple-galleries/ might help, but technically it's only compatible up to 3.0.5

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The gallery shortcode allows excluding pictures. To include something from media just attach it to the post you want it to display on. See the codex for more info.

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