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From a script in Matlab, I need to run an external command. Normally this is done with system, but script execution blocks until the command completes. Is there a way to execute a command from a script without blocking execution?

EDIT: OS is Windows Server.

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On windows you need to use start

system('start notepad.exe');
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You can use bang (!) and then the command, for instance


And to let it run without blocking execution it would be

 !vi &

The program will show up on a separate screen and you get back to the Command Window so you can continue running MATLAB language statements. It does the same thing for an script so I guess this is what you want to use.

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This may be overkill, but if you have the full install of matlab, you can use the Parallel Computing toolbox to run the command in a separate thread. It's actually pretty easy to do, the basic syntax would be:

obj = createJob();
set( obj, 'FileDependencies', {<list .m files used here>, 'ExampleFileFunc.m'});
task = createTask(obj, @ExampleFileFunc, 1, {4});


varargout = get(task,'OutputArguments');

The {4} is the number of outputs from ExampleFileFunc.

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Wow man, that seems to me like splitting hairs... – eLobato Mar 17 '11 at 19:50

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