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I'm currently working with Zend framework and I need help to convert this query to zend_select() format. Can someone kindly help me out please

Thanks so much in advance!

SELECT p .* 
FROM provider p
INNER JOIN providerReligionPreference prp ON p.providerId = prp.providerid
INNER JOIN providerServicePreference psp ON p.providerId = psp.providerId
INNER JOIN areaProviderPreference ap ON p.providerID = ap.providerId
INNER JOIN quote q ON q.quoteTypeId = prp.quoteTypeId
AND q.quoteTypeId = psp.quoteTypeId
AND q.religionTypeId = prp.religionTypeId
AND q.serviceTypeId = psp.serviceTypeId
AND q.postcodeId = q.postcodeId
WHERE q.quoteId = 2

GROUP BY p.providerId
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In a model method you could smth along these lines :

$select = $this->select();
        ->joinInner('providerReligionPreference', 'provider.providerId = providerReligionPreference.providerid')
        ->joinInner('quote', 'quote.quoteTypeId = providerReligionPreference.quoteTypeId AND ...')
        ->where('quote.quoteId = ?', 2)
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you're welcomed –  Poelinca Dorin Mar 17 '11 at 19:46

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