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I've created a RestEASY Interceptor to allow me to set header values on the HTTP response after my webservice call has completed. My code looks like this...

public class MyHeaderInterceptor implements
        MessageBodyWriterInterceptor {

    public void write(MessageBodyWriterContext context) throws IOException,
            WebApplicationException {

    stuff here....

When I make a call to my service, however, the interceptor is never called. I see the webservice call complete successfully, but none of the code in my interceptor is ever executed. Is there anything beyond this that I need to do to register my interceptor? Does it have to be declared anywhere else? Are there any special web.xml parameters that need to be included?

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You have to list the interceptor in the resteasy.providers context-param of your web.xml. Adding annotation to the Interceptor class is not enough.

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