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I have a list of strings and I want to skip all that end with the sequence _E so out of:

  • Apple
  • Apple_E
  • Orange
  • Banana

Only "Apple_E" should be omitted. This should be a simple LINQ statement, correct?

foreach (var fruit in fruits.SkipWhile(x => x.EndsWith("_E")) 

Will not omit Apple_E ... am I missing something obvious here? I have also used x.Trim().EndsWith("_E") to make sure there wasn't dirty data for some reason. If I do this, I get the list printed as shown above.

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Are you sure you don't mean to use .Where()?

foreach (var fruit in fruits.Where(x => !x.EndsWith("_E")))
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Ah! Well it serves me right for trying to program while watching March Madness, I spent 15 minutes on this – chum of chance Mar 17 '11 at 19:51

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