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This question's quite stupid, but I'm having trouble getting wpml to translate my plugin. Every translatable string is surrounded by __() calls and they appear POedit, I added translation for a couple of strings and they don't appear.

Translation for the theme is working OK.

I'm sure I'm missing something very stupid like a filename somewhere, or some function call, or something, I've read every piece of documentation I've found and I think it's confused me more. I read that you need to call setlocale, but I'm guessing wpml does that.. what might I be missing?

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You might also want to check this FAQ page to see different reasons for String Translation not being applied:

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I was missing the second parameter in the __() calls, the textdomain name.

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how do I close this question? – Lacrymology Apr 26 '11 at 15:56
Accept your answer. – cdmckay Sep 23 '11 at 15:17

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