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I want to make small framework with i could simply invoke webservices on many computers that have webservice.

So, i have i.e five computers with webservices. Each ws provides 2 functions (could be more, but this is example): DataFormat[] GetXData(int) Something[] GetYData(string, int).

Invoking service now looks like this: ServiceClient wsc; DataFormat[] data = wsc.GetXData(5);

I plan interface of framework like this:

MultiWebservice mws; DataFormat[] data = mws.BroadcastQuery( wsc.GetXData(5) );

As can see, i wish to inject function with iam interested to fire on every ws. And return merged data (merging is not subject of post. i handle it myself)

I need a help how use C# to make this elegant, generic and if it isn't necessary, without many overloading of function because i don't want make new overloadings for each different return type or each function in ws.

Please, give me advice. Maybe this interface is wrong and could be better.

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To give an answer similar to Thomas Li's, but using a generic type parameter for the methods, to allow any return type:

 public class WSClient {
      public int GetPower (int var) { return var * var; }
      public int[] GetDuplicatePowers (int var) {
              return new[] { GetPower(var), GetPower (var) };

 public class Multiplexer<T> {
      IList<T> _sources;
      public Multiplexer (IEnumerable<T> sources) {
             _sources = new List<T> (sources);

      public IEnumerable<TResult> Call<TResult> (Func<T, TResult> func) {
          return _sources.Select (s => func(s));

      public IEnumerable<TResult> AggregateCall<TResult> (Func<T, IEnumerable<TResult>> func) {
          return _sources.SelectMany (s => func(s));

 public class Test {
     public static void Main (string[] args) {
           var m = new Multiplexer<WSClient> (new[] { new WSClient (), new WSClient () });
           var powers = m.Call (c => c.GetPower (2));
           var agg_powers = m.AggregateCall (c => c.GetDuplicatePowers (2));
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Not sure if this helps but you can try tweaking this:

public class WebServiceClient
    public int[] GetXData(int intVar)
        return new int[] { intVar, intVar };

public class BoardcastingWebServiceCleint
    public int[] BroadcastQuery(Func<WebServiceClient, int[]> webServiceCall)
        List<WebServiceClient> clients = new List<WebServiceClient>();
        List<int> allResults = new List<int>();
        foreach (WebServiceClient client in clients)
            int[] result = webServiceCall.Invoke(client);

        return allResults.ToArray();

static void Main(string[] args)
    BoardcastingWebServiceCleint bwsc = new BoardcastingWebServiceCleint();
    bwsc.BroadcastQuery((client) => { return client.GetXData(5); });
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