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I'm using jqgrid on clienside for a financial web app where rows get added and/or updated very frequently (every few ms). Max number of rows always stays under 80. data gets pushed to the web through comet (reverse ajax) when data comes in, the following code is applied

update the jqgrid is defined this way:

                    datatype: 'local',
                    localReader: {
                        id: "id" 

                    colNames: ["id","price","volume","time"],
                    colModel: [ {name:'id', width:60},
                                {name:'price', width:80,
                                {name:'volume', width:100},
                                {name:'time',index:'amount', width:80} 
                    sortname: '', 
                    sortorder: 'desc',
                    rowNum: 80,
                    viewrecords: true,
                    loadonce: true



_updateGrid: function (handle, args) { 
    var updated = args.data;
    var current = handle.jqGrid('getRowData', updated.id);
    if (typeof current.id == 'undefined' || current.id == null
                                         || current.id == "") {
        current = updated;
        var itWorks = handle.addRowData(updated.id, current);
    else {
        handle.jqGrid('setRowData', updated.id,
                          id: updated.id
                          , price: updated.price
                          , volume: updated.volume
                          , time: updated.time

    handle.sortGrid('price', false, 'desc');

right now the performance are very bad, so bad that firefox pops-up an error message requesting to stop the script.

I'm thinking of switching of grid widget, but before I would like to see if other developers have any idea that could solve the issue.

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In all performance problems it is important to localize the bottleneck.

I suppose that the problem is bad performance of the data sorting used in the jqGrid now. To verify this you can try set sortname parameter to "" and call handle.trigger("reloadGrid") instead of handle.sortGrid('price', false, 'desc');

If you will see that the refresh of data will work much more quickly then we can discuss about the corresponding solution. One will need to replace the _doSort method used to sort local data with more effective version (based of Quick Sort or probably Array.sort).

Another possibility to improve performance of your code is the use data and _index parameters of jqGrid to make direct access to the internal grid data. The _index parameter help you to get the index in the data array of data identified by rowid. After modification of all data you can trigger reloadGrid to refresh the grid.

Updated: With the code

var lastData = handle.jqGrid('getGridParam','data');
var dataIndex = handle.jqGrid('getGridParam','_index');

one can get the local data saved in the grid and its index. With

var i = dataIndex[updated.id], var current = null;
if (i>0) { current = lastData[i]; }

you get reference of the data element by rowid updated.id (I hope I understand your code correct and updated.id is the rowid).

Now you can make any modification of properties of the current element without need to save it. You work on place. After you made all modifications should just refresh the grid contain based of the modified data. You can do this with handle.trigger("reloadGrid") or with handle.sortGrid('price', false, 'desc'); which do the same.

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I tried handle.trigger("reloadGrid"), but no luck. still bad performance. could you elaborate more on how to use data and _index parameters. Thanks. –  Alpha Mar 17 '11 at 22:14
@Alpha: I updated my answer. Are you sure that use don't use handle.sortGrid('price', false, 'desc'); and used just used handle.trigger("reloadGrid") and that you has always sortname:""? Only with sortname:"" jqGrid will do no sorting of data. –  Oleg Mar 17 '11 at 22:36
@Oleg. you're right when sorting is not involved performance are ok. –  Alpha Mar 17 '11 at 22:46
@Oleg, Regarding my code: Data are volatile, they're displayed and if updated they're gone, nothing is saved. Data comes row by row. so when a row "arrived" first I check if it's an existing row or if it is a new row. If new it gets added, if not it gets updated. then the grid is sorted appropriately. I don't see how data and _index could help me in this scenario –  Alpha Mar 17 '11 at 22:55
@Alpha: Well. Now will be probably more difficult. First of all 80 rows of data is not much. You can try to post back all 80 rows, but correct sorted and then populate all the data. You can use GridUnload to remove the current grid (see here an example). I suggest this as the first option, because sorting in the database or in native code with quicksort can word quickly as in JavaScript. If if will be not possible you can try reimplement your own sorting based on code examples which you can easy find. I could help you with jqGrid –  Oleg Mar 17 '11 at 22:56

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