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I have a java server (jetty) running on a remote machine. Currently I'm manually copying a .war file from my local dev machine to the remote machine whenever I need to put up an update. This is a really slow dev cycle.

Jetty will restart a web application if you stick a new .war file in its /webapps folder.

I could add a new servlet which accepts a .war upload, and sticks it in its own /webapps folder - thus overwriting and restarting itself? Then whenever I need to redeploy, I just upload the .war file from my local machine to the running instance on the remote machine. Sounds pretty wonky. Any better ways of doing something like this?


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How are you copying it, FTP?

Generally you should spend a good amount of intial time working on automating your deployments - upfront time spent now will be hours saved later. I like to use Maven, but if you've got a simple situation and don't want as steep of a learning curve, Ant is a good start.

(edit) Maybe Cargo.

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Ha my setup is currently awful. I copy the .war file from my local machine to a Temp remote ftp site. I log into the remote prod machine with VNC. From that machine I download from the remote ftp site. Move the .war into the /webapps folder. Restart jetty. Takes a really long time. – user291701 Mar 17 '11 at 21:40

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