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My Kohana route wont work correctly

The route:

    Route::set('admin', '((<lang>/)admin(/<controller>(/<action>(/<id>))))',
        'lang' => '(de|en)',
        'id'     => '.+' 
        'lang'              => 'de',
        'controller'    => 'dashboard',
        'action'        => 'index',
        'directory'     => 'admin',

with the url "en/admin"

Request::current()->param( 'lang' );

returns "de" and not "en"

when i dont set the url default for "lang" the request returns "en-us", i didn't set i18n::lang()

thx for Help =)

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may be you have changes in system classes like Request or Route? Like this: kerkness.ca/wiki/… –  biakaveron Mar 21 '11 at 7:47

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I18n::lang() is called in bootstrap, setting the default to en-us.

Your request is returning "de" because it's the default you've set, you should try defining the route pattern like this:

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thank you for the answer - but still same problem. with previous version of kohana the route worked correctly. :( –  moriartie Mar 18 '11 at 17:45

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